There has been a shift in wellness, health and fitness trends over the past few years. The demand for nutritionists and personal trainers has grown and people want to know more about their food. 

The popularity of veganism is growing, which makes it easier for people to create healthy lifestyles. There is also an increase in interest in occupational health and wellness programs that are focused on natural health.

Read on to find out what the latest health trends are! 

1. Occupational health

There is growing awareness about health and wellbeing in the workplace. Occupational health is the health of people in the workplace.

Occupational health is a broad field that includes many different types of professionals. Occupational physicians, occupational therapists, and occupational nurses are just a few examples.

Occupational health professionals work with employers to identify and reduce risks to workers’ safety and health. They also work with employees to improve their well-being at work.

According to Assist Group, an occupational health service provider is an: “outsourced total health management and wellness solution for company's human resources. Where health and human resources meet resulting in increased wellness and productivity, ultimately reducing costs linked to workplace and non workplace illness.”

Businesses or companies work with an occupational health service provider to keep their employees’ health status in check. Some offer services like pre-employment medicals, manual handling training, ergonomic assessments and more. 

2. Wellness programs

A wellness program is a company-sponsored program that has medical and health components. The goal of these programs is to keep employees well so that they can work at their best.

There are many different types of wellness programs, most of which focus on lifestyle and exercise. Some companies offer on-site fitness centres as well as nutritionists who provide nutritional advice.

At times, part of the program is to provide healthy meals that are assigned to each employee according to their needs. Other companies make sure that their employees have some time during the day when they can eat healthy food or go for a walk around the block.

Some wellness programs also focus on mental health, by providing resources for employees who need help.

3. The demand for nutritionists

A nutritionist is someone who focuses on the study of nutrition and its relationship to human health.

A nutritionist will work with people who may have issues that are related to their diet.

The job of a nutritionist goes beyond teaching people about healthy foods. A good nutritionist also focuses on how certain foods affect the quality of a person's mood or energy level.

The top nutrition trends people are talking about now include:

  • Climate friendly sustainable eating

  • Online nutrition coaching programs

  • Personalised nutrition, based on genetics and other lifestyle factors

  • Healthy take-away or pre-cooked meals.

4. Veganism

Veganism is a dietary pattern that eliminates all animal-sourced food and products from one's diet, including eggs, dairy, and honey. 

It may also include abstaining from wearing clothes or using other items that contain animal materials such as leather. The popularity of veganism has been on the rise in recent years due to its health benefits. Those who switch to this type of diet usually experience increased energy levels and improved digestion.

5. Working with personal trainers

A personal trainer is a professional who will train you with workouts and training sessions to help you get in shape or maintain your current fitness level.

The first step to hiring a qualified personal trainer is to research the type of training they offer. For example: they may focus on specific sports, body goals, or disciplines such as boxing, pilates, or running. Personal trainers may also offer other services such as nutrition coaching and lifestyle coaching.

The second step is to identify potential candidates in your area and set up interviews with them. 

To end…

As you know, some trends come and go especially when it comes to the subject of health. However, some trends are also here to stay. We see that there is a pattern in these trends - the motivation for people to eat healthier and keep fit. 

Why not try one of these trends to see if it fits the kind of lifestyle you want?